Vintage Books and a Forgotten 1984 Flick

Know what my current obsession is? For many months now, I have been faithfully hoarding old books. And when I say old, it would mean a really vintage find like this Enid Blytons 1965 book "Adventure of Pip", or secondhand beautifully illustrated ones like my recent find by Shinsuke Tanaka (which I would share on my next book post). Not meaning to sound like a snotty literate but I, with all my heart, truly love books.

As a kid i was an extreme introvert. Much to the delight of my mom, I hated going outdoors and make "lakwatsa." I was usually found on a corner with a book on hand. When I got tired reading my elementary reference books, I went on to read the entire 20 or so volume of Encyclopedia Britannica. I even got my hands on my mom's copy of "The Great Gatsby" long before I learned about the classics. I thought books were easier to deal with than people...hahaha. Don't worry I didn't grow up to become your next door psycho. I turned out to be just as normal as the average Jane plus a hoard of friends to boot.

Perhaps my lack of social skills then was brought by my countryside upbringing. I was brought up in a farm, quite far from the busy life of a city. Believe me but horses, farm hens, country dogs, the "alatiris" tree (and an annoying older cousin who would rather spend his time shooting nearby birds with his handmade slingshot) were my only company when my aunt and uncle (who took care of me when i was a wee bit tot) were off somewhere in the other parts of the farm. And I would let you in on a secret, when my mom finally took me back to the city, I screamed at the first sight of a moving car!....hahaha!

Anyway speaking of all these books, my burgeoning collection has reminded me so much of that 1984 movie "The Neverending Story" that I loved so much (still do). I believe I was about 5 and have yet to go to school when i first watched it. For my still simple kid-mind, I equated the "Nothing" that was destroying Fantasia with "oblivion" since children no longer liked to read books. But the story of course is much more complicated than that. If I lost you somewhere here, then better read on more about this movie on wiki. You could also watch the trailer (HD version of the original) of the movie below. But one thing I could say is that before this generation had Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia...we had Neverending Story!

If you see the dashing warrior boy Atreyu...please don't steal him. He was very much the center of my universe in the entirety of my childhood.


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  1. This is super duper awesome! I love your countryside childhood stories, super cute lang :) And ang nice to collect old books a! :) Cool!

  2. beautifully written. Books really can be great friends. Most of my childhood memories are connected with printed word.
    <3 Neverending story

  3. I still remember this movie. My favorite character was the white dragon. I can still picture him inside my mind. That revelation is funny. =)

  4. <3 Atreyu and Artax his horse
    There was news back in 2009 of a remake. I wonder what happened to that.

  5. Do you have the complete collection of Vintage Spoon? You can find it all here!

  6. Oh my gosh! The Neverending Story. It's been ages since I've seen that movie. Now, I have to watch it again. I watched it all the time when I was a kid. Another good one... The Princess Bride.

  7. I loved The Neverending Story! Although Falkor gave me nightmares for a while.


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