DiY your Christmas: Frosted Pine Cones

O ne of the perks of living in my city is that we don't really run out of good pine cones for Christmas. Heck we just take a short walk and we already get to bring home a bagful of this wonderful goodies! There's something about pine cones that make Christmas look more, well Christmas-ey. And since I have made up my mind to go all white Christmas this year, I've decided to frost my pinecone loot.

Here are the super easy, no-brainer steps.
*Gather up pinecones of different sizes and shapes. I like mine with scales already a bit open. 
*Lightly brush the scales with white non-toxic craft acrylic paint (need not make the color all solid white)
*Let dry and decorate to your hearts content

Care to share your diy Christmas projects?

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  1. Oh, I love this. These would make such pretty tree ornaments too!

    Last year I cut out paper snowflakes and pasted them all over my walls for the holidays. It was a lot of fun!

  2. beautiful photos!
    I'm quite fortunate to have two pine trees in between our front steps. It makes me miss them a little less.

  3. Lovely! And it is a blessing that you live in a place where it's abundant.

    I'd probably do the paper snowflakes and stick them to the mirror. :) That or the post-it Christmas tree!

  4. Thank you for sharing! can you send me some of pinecones:) I miss baguio!

  5. Beautiful project <3.
    I am planning to go to Baguio in December (maybe 1st wk). I hope to find pinecones too ;p

  6. That is lovely! I don't have any pine cones at hand, but that's great motivation to finally make that forest stroll I'd been thinking about;)

  7. Oh I love Christmas crafts; I had a similar idea with pinecones. I also plan to make hand made Christmas cards.


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