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Apparently so, the world didn't go kaput on the 21st and the universe has once again granted us with another year to celebrate. But before I look forward to more adventures for the 2013, I think it best to look back at least at the last month of the year and what I had been up to til late.

  • joined my very first mail swap  (handmade postcards: will do a tutorial on this soon)
  • managed to create another illlustration for my December freebie calendar
  • got sick and left without a choice but be unproductive for a couple of weeks (bummer)
  • finally got my groove back and craft I did to my hearts content
  • spent our very first Holidays at our new place
  • excited about my new read for 2013 (thanks know me all too well. That cheapskate, vintage-book-hoarder me who refuses to buy a crisp new book if it's not on sale. I guess you got tired of my gasps and whines whenever I go to the bookstore and sighs "I sooo want to read Steve Job's" but refused to buy it every time....hahaha)
Now off I go to buy me some sticky rice cakes!!!! See you soon lovelies!

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  1. Happy to read that you got your groove back! :D I love your new illustration, and I like so much the way you manage to summarize your life with a few pics. Those images really tell a little story! :)
    Hope the New Year will bring you much joy and good luck! Big hugs,


  2. Happy New Year to you! glad you're back :)

  3. Happy new year! Im just glad were all still here. May the postponed doom make us risk takers/braver and more grateful of each day and of each person we have.

  4. Oh, Happy New Year! You still managed to do a lot in December despite not feeling so well. Your post cards are beautiful and... YAY on your (new) book. Happy reading! :)

  5. You have such an eye for spotting and capturing beauty!

    Happy New Year, sweetie :)


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