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Farewell November! Hopefully I'd see you again, that is if the world doesn't go kaput on the 21st of this month. Ok, I'd steer clear of any talk about the "end-of-the-world-according-to-the-Mayan-which-could-turn-out-to-be-just-misinterpreted-by-some-experts." It is December after all. And December entails all things happy and merry!

My November was definitely a blast. I was kept busy with the reopening of our blogshop. There were so many entanglements of course but nevertheless, I was able to finally put it out there on the world-wide web. Thank you all by the way for the support and encouragement. All your retweets and reposts and blog features are much much appreciated. Thank you from the deepest corners and every nook and crannies of the arteries of my heart...hahaha. Ok, nuff said.

Am cooking a  new downlaoad by the way...and yes you've guessed it right. The December desktop calendar would be out on my next post. Watch out for that! Till next!

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  1. so cute ai!! :D you look so so young :D

    The Bargain Doll

  2. in love with your braids!

    I thought the world ends on the 27th?


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