11 Facts About Me: The Liebster Award

Ihaven't done blog tagging in a while now. Last time was two years ago and it was so much fun writing Seven Random Things. So when Drea of mabuhaydiy nominated me on twitter last night for the Liebster Award, I was quite ecstatic. The curious me of course had to google Liebster first before I forgo with the question and answer.
It turns out, Liebster is a German word for "dearest" or "beloved." Now that's sweet. More googling revealed that this award is given to up and coming blogs to get the attention they deserve.

Here are the rules:
Share 11 facts about yourself
Answer the awarder's 11 questions
Ask 11 questions of your own
Nominate 11 bloggers

11 Facts about me:
1} As a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot
2} Am a vintage book hoarder
3} Though I love sewing now, there was a time when my grandma's sewing machine gave me all kinds of grotesque images such as my fingers getting all sewn together
4} I received a number of awards for my illustrations when I was young but sadly had to give it all up for the real word (my folks disapproved of my taking Fine Arts so I opted for my second best that was Journ). But am reclaiming that now. Never too late to get back to a long lost passion.
5} Am a proud tree hugger.
6} I once considered entering the convent and becoming a nun.
7} I used to whisper to trees "Please give me permission to pass." My life as a young kid was very provincial and full of folk stories from faeries to dwarfs (am a Tolkienian hence the spelling) and even tree sprites that's why.
8} I journal a lot because I have a very bad memory.
9} I killed most of my indoor plants but it never dissuaded me to greenified my house. I guess my cultivating skill is improving since none had died so far these last few months.
10} I hoard all sorts of pencils
11} I make mean french toast.

So here are Drea's questions:
1} Most inspiring place in the Metro?
I am a proud Baguio dweller, so i guess i'd choose one from my city instead. Oh wait, I think the whole city of Baguio itself is so inspiring for me. A chunk of my childhood was spent in the great countryside down south so when I moved here 17 years ago to study I felt right at home immediately. Everywhere you go you feel in touch with nature and everything is just so serene. Not to mention Baguio is home to many great and talented artists.

2} Who is your favorite local artist and why?
Jef Cablog first and foremost and Anne Licudine comes in close second. They're both my junior at the University of the Philippines-Baguio (they were in Fine Arts, I was in Journalism) but am not biased because of that. Jeff Cablog's work is just stupefyingly (if there is such a word) BE-autiful, I tell yah. He injects every inch of his heritage to his work capturing the very essence of his Cordilleran roots. Anne Licudine on the other hand takes inspiration from Japanese art and she is also a great Miyazaki fan (like me!) which translates to her wonderful creations and illustrations.

3}Favorite foreign artist and why?
Oana Befort. Her watercolor is just aH-mazing.

4}Dream craft skill?
Pottery & Sculpting

5}Craft goal this year?
Am focusing on doing illustrations this year both traditional and digital. But perhaps I could inject a bit more of silkscreening again. I miss doing that!

6}Type of music you listen to while crafting?

7}Favorite movie and book?
Ever After and Anne of Green Gables

8}Favorite childhood activity related to arts and crafts?
I used to make a ton of illustrated story books with my own story lines.

9}Who are your craft idols?
Oh too many to mention, the space would explode with them.

10}Favorite craft store?
I don't particularly shop at a certain fave store. I usually love shopping at every arts and crafts supplies there is. I love going around. Quite more therapeutic than shopping for shoes.

11} Describe your work area at home and share a photo?
capital C-H-A-O-S

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  1. Great answers! Thanks for answering! :)

  2. It's great to learn a bit more about you... FIGHTER PILOT?? OMGosh, that sounds terribly exciting and frightening... you're my kind of girl. I always wanted to be a ninja, ROFL, who knew where those dreams would lead. I shocked myself by buying into ownership of a Kung Fu school this year. I guess our dreams as a child truly are a reflection of who we are in our adult lives.

    ~ Diana

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  4. hi, i am so much in awe of your talent. you indeed have gifted hands and being able to share them is a blessing to others. you truly deserve the Liebster award and it gives your readers more facts about you and your passions in life. More power. I have already added you in my blog roll, quite sometime na, it's only now that I am 'back' from long time hiatus. again, more power. I'll be revisiting your blog every now and then.

    It's me Sigh and i'm from Cebu City.

    my blog is: http://i-dress-up-and-sleep.blogspot.com/


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