Valentine's Day Breakfast for you Sweetie

I think the most special gifts come in the most inexpensive package. For almost a decade long of giving and receiving celebratory gifts, I realized that the sweetest gesture comes way better than any gold or bling.

Proof: I once made a teeny scrapbook/journal containing all our old photos, travel tickets and old love letters for one of our anniversaries and got the most heartwarming reply...

H: "This would be the bestest gift I have ever received!"
I didn't get that when I bought him Burberry.

So for this year I made him a special breakfast which unfortunately he didn't get to eat because he had to head out early as always. But no matter, tonight I'd prepare him the grandest table of breakfast and dinner with Vizco's decadent chocolate cake for dessert!

How about you loves? What are you cooking up this Valentine's Day?

* would share the recipe and the how-tos on this next

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  1. Beautiful table, yummy food, and lovely, lovely thoughts. :)

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) we don't really spend Valentine's because the boy's birthday is on the 12th. Hihi.

  2. Sounds like a lovely plan! :) I think I'll go for orange scented risotto and chocolate cake, but I am not completely sure yet :) And I totally agree with you about personal, inexpensive and meaningful gifts being the very best. Wish a Happy Valentine to you both!

  3. What a sweet way to start the day! Ahh, it's the thoughtful gift that counts the most, I totally agree with you on that. The Burberry thing is funny kk


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