Feed your Soul...and your Walls!

Bare wall? Fret no more because these adorable images are sure to brighten up even the most boring of walls. And that's not the best part, did i mention they're free? You could download them from this site courtesy of Indie Fixx. Every piece of artwork were just pure cuteness!

These four were instant favorites. They kind of remind me of the artworks i used to make way back. The forest nymph is strikingly similar with a watercolor painting i did for a project in grade school. Too bad I lost it I could've compared. Note to self: Tuck away artworks as future heirlooms. The two at the bottom are just as adorable. The gypsy girl reminds me of, well me...being a boheme chic meself. Now am off to find my long lost, almost forgotten pieces of art. Perhaps I could find them a nice niche on my ever-so-bare wall.

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  1. Oh funny - I just posted about this today! I should have come here first ;) Isn't the free art wonderful? xo

  2. @Shannon
    I agree! Art freebies such as these are simply wonderful!


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