grab a little bit of sun

For over a month now, this beautiful tropical country has been experiencing a series of cool days and nights.* Even the once excruciatingly hot and humid Manila is now donning cool-weather-friendly fashion! And of course, Baguio being the coolest city (if not only) in the country, has kept us freezing for weeks now. Mornings have been rather bleak and wintry as the temperature drops to as low as 9.8 degrees Celsius. So this morning when the timid sun finally decided to get out of the clouds for a change, i was more than happy to bask for a little bit. I got out of my usual thick pants and jacket and enjoyed the friendly skies!
Anyway, it's a wicked wicked weather we're having so don't forget to take lots of Vitamin C and enough ZZZZs!!! Take care everyone!

By the way, thank you for all the encouraging words you left on my previous post. You guys definitely give me the boost and confirmation i need! Kisses!

*The entire world is on the verge of severe Global Warming as proven by the effects of Climate Change being experienced in the many parts of the globe. We bloggers should do our part to save our ailing planet. Join "Plant a Tree" and make your blog carbon positive!

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  1. wow 9 degrees in Baguio? brrrr.
    and you're right there's been drastic weather change lately.

  2. omg...i almost froze in hk when the temp dropped to 10 much more 9??? but still, i really love layering my clothes so i wish i lived somewhere cooler... so yeah, i've been enjoying the colder weather here in Cebu...<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. hi Aileen! i love cool weather heheh...i really love your pictures Aileen, how do you come up with those effects? i really like love love...have a freezy day!

  4. i'm loving the weather in Cebu now. at least i have the the authority to wear boots and do layers coz the weather is much colder now. hehe

    i always love how dreamy your photos are.

    gave you an award. do check it out here. :)

  5. oh wowwww!!! :]
    you'll never know how much i enjoy cool weather! and i really want to baguio! hopefully soon! <3 <3 i cant imagine myself with 3layers of clothes! challenging!

  6. Rain is scaring me now.. with all the news about flood here and other parts of the world :( good to see the sun is brightly shining again..

  7. Rain is scaring me now.. with all the news about flood here and other parts of the world :( good to see the sun is brightly shining again..

    btw followed you :)

    <3 hazel

  8. your skirt looks so prettyy... and yes, a sun peeking through is such a nice change. baguio is so cold right now, i brought my warmest jacket when i go :)

  9. Enjoy the peeking sunshine while it's out! We have been having lots of it here too, such a nice change from where we were living before!

  10. Oh that sun looks fantastic. I'm craving sunshine like crazy today.


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