Here's a wee bit more of Korea...

Well apparently, for some reason I took a liking for the color mustard during our 3-week 
vacation in Korea. I was browsing through the photos and this color just kept
popping up in my outfit! Remember that bright sunny-colored skirt here!

Nami island, this is! If you're one of the many who's obsessed about
watching koreanovelas or korean television series, then you
might remember this beautiful place used as the backdrop 
for the series "Winter Sonata!
I had the privilege to take a day tour to the island and the trip doesn't fall
short of being awesome. Its full of hip cafes, bike tours, and delightful architecture! 
However, the best part is the whole island itself! Those beautiful, ginormous
ginkgo trees are just breathtakingly beautiful. It's like being
transported into one of 'em mesmerizing English countryside! Not to mention
this island screams every wee bit romantic!

"겨울연가" or Winter Sonata

On a side note, I was greatly touched by the most awesome support you, my dear blogfriends, have shown us.Thank you for taking the time to read my previous post and for signing the petition to save a great number of Baguio pine trees. The fate of these amazing trees are however  still not certain. Thankfully though there is still an amazing number of people who are not willing to sacrifice the environment in exchange for a giant of a mall threatening to block the beautiful Baguio skyline. Let's just hope that the local government would have a change of heart and listen! Keep your signatures coming
Again thank you.

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  1. Nami island looks beautiful, i love the avenue between the trees *sigh* mustard suits you so gorgeously, i'd wear it everyday as well

  2. Beautiful photos! Please post more!

  3. Acckk! i wish i could visit korea someday too! :) sometimes watching koreanovelas does that to you.. ang ganda kasi lagi ng backdrop nila :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. yey! wish granted. i remember asking you before to post more Korea pics hehehe...breathtaking! period.

  6. this is long overdue right? Would try to scour among dozens of photos for me to share with you guys!!!! Thanks for all the comments!

  7.! I know right. Took me weeks to post this one.

  8. Awesome photos! I was amazed:)

  9. i loove the photos!! How i wish I could go to Korea :)

  10. I loooove korea, can't wait to go back. Are you Korean, or just married a korean?


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