Guess what? My October wallpaper got listed on Indie Fixx!!!

click photo for the full post at Indie Fixx

Who would have thought?! Well certainly not me. After googling one of my blogposts just for shortcut purposes, I found out that the October desktop wallpaper I created was listed as one of Indie Fixx's choices. I was dumbfounded, nay dumbstruck! I mean who would have thought right, i mean really?!?

When I was a freshie independent art & design blogger, Indie Fixx was among the many blogs I have adored and taken inspiration from. Through the years it has evolved from a hub for budding independent design talents to a "more well-rounded lifestyle blog." And to share even a minute space with such talents is one huge ego boost!

Thank you Indie Fixx for deeming me worthy!

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  1. Wow! I remember Indie Fixx was the first few blogs I read years ago. That's quite something! Happy for you!

  2. I meant "*one of the first few blogs".


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