Handmade Illustrated Postcard x Paper Tole

a few useful tools for your handmade
paper tole postcards

postcard backing template printed on the other side

pretty confetti to add a little touch of sweetness

Don't you just love snail mails? Well am a sucker for them. I assume people still do send them despite all these techie ways of keeping in touch otherwise post offices would be long gone, right? As a kid, I used to send a bunch of happy mails to strangers and waiting for the postman was like waiting for Santa. Plus the fact that your letter cheered someone up was quite elating.

Postcards are no different story. Though the message could be limiting compared to the long letter, getting one from a friend from faraway is surely something special. But of course handmade + postcards is all the more special and personal. So when I chanced upon this handmade postcard swap, I jumped right on in in a heartbeat. The process of making it was as much fun as sending it.

Do check back soon for the full tutorial on this handmade paper tole postcard will you?
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. very nice! i want to join a postcard swap too!

  2. that is incredibly pretty. are you part of postcrossing? :)

  3. Hello! I love your blog, there is so much prettines s to peruse through in each entry! :) And this postcard is wonderful. Hope I can get to craft with you / swap mail with you sometime! <3

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Taking pictures of papers need a lot of artistic treatment, and you really are a good photographer and of course a very good artist. hello again Aiz!


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