Revisiting Antiquated Brushstrokes

I did mention on my January Instagram blog post that I've done a bit of painting again after for what seemed like the longest time. I don't quite remember the last time I really held a brush and played with colors. Somewhere along the line, I got interrupted by life and briefly forgotten my artistic daydreams. But I did promise myself that this year would be the year I get to rekindle long lost passion and "FREEWAY Art Bag Design Competition" came as the perfect kick-start.

Freeway had been an advocate of Philippine culture through fashion and has successfully incorporated works of renowned National Artists such as Botong Francisco and Manansala to their fashion line. So it was only fit that the theme for the contest is Nationalism. The "artwork must include elements of Filipino pride or the country's art and culture.

In a heartbeat, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint. It would be a little tribute to this wonderful place tucked in the northernmost part of the Philippines called the Cordilleras. In the past Baguio (the city where I live now) had been part of the Philippines majestic mountains of the north that seem to stretch from earth heavenwards. And though it is as much as an urban hub now, one can still have a feel of its beautiful heritage. I have been to Sagada and a few parts of the Mountain Provinces and the culture and the people never cease to inspire me. So for my first piece titled "Highland Maiden" I took inspiration from the last tattooed women of Kalinga particularly apo Whang Od, the last tattoo artist herself. For Abloom, I borrowed elements from all parts of the country, from the far south islands of Mindanao to the indigenous north haven, the Cordilleras.

{image source: Lars Krutak and Creative Roots}

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Thank you dearies and wish me luck!

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  1. Oh man, I missed the deadline for voting by a day :( I hope you win! I especially like Highland Maiden; the art style the contrasting colors make for a very striking look. Good luck!


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