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Blooms and work.  An unlikely pair but it sure did make my February undoubtedly awesome. It felt though as if the heavens had accidentally pushed the fast forward button as I found myself constantly on my toes. Not that am complaining but February was sure heck of a ride. Like crazy, fast and furious kind of ride...but in a good way.

So here's the roundup of my February:

1. it seems that the heavens had finally heeded my prayers and granted me a green thumb. Managed to save this dying white mums. After weeks of serious pruning and diligent watering, leaves had finally started sprouting out and it now holds a close resemblance to a plant. The living breathing kind of plant.

2. Cutting down on my coffee consumption so sorted to drinking tea instead.

3. Yet another workspace cleanup.

4. Bare wall no more. Pinned all my artworks on the wall alongside some fave postcards and posters.

5. These white roses were bliss. Bought for 150 pesos for 2 dozen. A big deal of course because two days prior to the purchase was Valentine's day and a single rose shot up to 100 a piece. That was mental!

6. Made this wonderful floral crown with real flowers for a photoshoot.

I wonder what March has in store for me. How was your February lovelies?

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  1. Super happy your plant is alive!!! :) never tried growing one since my elementary home eco days when our teacher required us to plant pechay! :) i should try again one of these days..goes well with our 'love mother earth'advocacy :)

    Happy you had a wonderful feb aiz!


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