Balcony Gardening

In between drawing and crafting/sewing (yup am back doing some projects at the moment), I had a bit of time attending to my little indoor garden and thought I could give you a few glimpses of it. Admittedly I am not one very good gardener, not yet at least. But with practice and lots of love, I'm sure i'd get there somehow. It still has a long way to go, but as I have mentioned on my Instagram, I am most determined to have my own little forest by the end of the year. For now it houses my geraniums, some spiders, succulents and ivies. Can't wait to add big ones in the coming months. For the mean time I'd be practicing on my nurturing prowess. For advice and suggestions from green thumbs out there, you are most welcomed to give them here and I thank you in advance. Ciao bellas!

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