Stillness: Watercolor Art by Baboo Mondonedo

"I have learned that life is about cycle of breakdown and breakthroughs. This is what keeps the wheels turning. While there are periods of turbulence, grief, loss, and aloneness, I am many times overcome with heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings the universe has showered and continues to shower me with."
- Baboo Mondonedo (Stepping Stones)

"Painting has given her a new window and she now sees things in a fresh, new ways."

I have another artist to add up on my "looking-up-to" list. Though I do not purposely limit myself to watercolor, these days i find myself still enthralled with the medium and I don't think I'd tire of it soon. I first came to know about Baboo and her beautiful work when she had a solo exhibit entitled "Stillness" held at Maryknoll Sanctuary last month. As much as I love marveling at works of different artists, I must say that I have longed so much to just drown myself with the beauty of watercolor works by watercolor artists, and the exhibit was just that...a treasure trove of watercolor masterpieces.

Baboo's story on how she got started with watercolor is also very inspiring. She mentioned in one of her interviews for one broadsheet that she never thought she would find herself painting since her hands were, as she puts it "the stiffest." Her "falling-in-love" with the medium was somewhat serendipitous and at the same time fated....a proof that there is indeed no deadline to become a better version of ourselves!

I could only aspire to be as great!

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