A Book Style Post at Bored and Crafty

What better way to put a smile on one's face after a grueling 6 hour bus ride home? Aside from the hearty welcome from the family that awaits your return, is of course, seeing your work posted in some really rockin' blog (it's 4am and obviously i gave in to my blogging instead of hitting the sheet for a much needed R&R).
I was invited by the talented Meream of Bored and Crafty to be a part of her Book Style series and here's a glimpse of what i came up with. Head over to her blog HERE to read on. Thank you Meream for making me part of this .

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  1. I loved your post. Beautifully written.

  2. 1. i love the hat in this post! i want it.
    2. you look soo pretty & soo happy in your wedding post below. :)
    3. i did add chili paste but never thought of bacon to my lettuce wraps! the bf would die, he LOVES bacon to an almost unnatural extent lol i will have to try it with bacon. that just sounds amazing.

  3. @small burst
    thank you. your comment made my day.

  4. @Rachel
    hello sweetie! it's prettty obvious that i was really in cloud nine in those photos right!? Am glad you tried to add chili paste...you were so brave to do that cuz not many people could take the heat.

  5. Yay it was a hit! You're awesome. Thank you so so so much! :)


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