A Sunday to Behold

The LOOt
a bundle of pretty Malaysian mums
organic veggies
dried fish
and about a dozen of freshly-baked pandesal (salt-bread)
(am a bit of a tree-hugger meself, hence the eco bag)
♥ ♥ ♥

Today was a rather beautiful Sunday for a nice walk around town.
And though i was out mainly for some wifey errands,
the wonderful sunny weather and bustling Sunday market
was worth all the trip away from my oh-so-comfy
Sunday bed.
I hope you guys had a great weekend too!

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  1. Such fun pics, love the sandals!! The quote is fabulous, and so true.

    Hope you have a great start to a new week :)

  2. @islaboheme
    hey you! we missed you here.

  3. @onecraftyfox
    the sandals is a three-year-old celine. It was handpicked by my hubby for my birthday.

    hope you have a great week too!


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