Sweet Couple Pillows {It's a Crafty Countdown: 22 days to go}

Couple Pillow
dyed in natural brown using 100% natural dye
Polyester Fiberfill
100% handmade with love
*Amor Vincit Omnia -the text printed at the back
is Latin for "Love Conquers All Things"

Eons ago, i had this obsession with stenciling i practically stenciled anything i could grab a hold of in the house. If it wasn't for H's intervention i would have already turned the whole house into a giant damask wallpaper. My obsession then had fizzled and i've moved on to other crafty things (if you're a constant reader of this blog, you may have already heard how i get easily distracted by new design ideas....which somehow propelled me to do this series).  One of the many stencil projects was this couple pillow intended to be a gift for our wedding anniversary (which embarrassingly is already many months overdue and was not completed until this morning). 

Anyway, the creative process is rather simple and i got tons of help and inspiration from the many tutorials available on the web. The two links below however were the most useful and fail safe methods i have tried so far. I did however a couple of modifications like using plastic vellum or acetate instead of paper (Martha Stewart) and fabric paints in tube instead of Mod Podge/glue (DIY Silkscreen). 

Please do check out other lovely links below submitted by some talented bloggers!!! 
See you lovelies tomorrow for more crafty ideas!

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  1. Those couple pillows are so beautiful. Wonderful job :) And you're actually inspiring to get me to start drawing again... I want to master the Garance Dore style - her illustrations are so chic...

  2. Lovely! Very romantic-looking.♥

  3. I want that Cute Couple Pillow. So lovely.

  4. love the couple pillows! i saw some in hongkong and was sooooo close to buying them!

  5. @Trixie and Fifi
    am happy to hear that. Can't wait to see samples of your drawings!!!

  6. @Chiqui
    am actually contemplating on including it in my shop? Am just worried about the bulk for packaging!

  7. Wow! Those are so cute! This is why I so love your blog. Wish I could be artsy artsy like you. You're so talented. Love the outfit posts too! And may I just ask, so you still live in Baguio? I saw from your profile and I just had to ask. Hehe!

    BTW, I added you to my links. Hope you don't mind!

  8. love your blog, and those pillows are adorable :)

  9. @Pinky
    Thank you Pinky. Yes am a Baguio dweller....so when you get to visit the city just holler here so we could grab some coffee. Take care!

  10. Pillows are wonderful and I've always wanted to try stenciling! I'm off to follow your tutorial links now... ♥

  11. Hi Aileen, this is Desiree. Remember, your UP days jeepney buddy from UP to Aurora Hill? :) Musta na? I love these pillows, you should mass produce it! I'm enjoying your blog so much. I'm like a huge fan of yours. Yay for being artsy!


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