Snow Show Boo Hoo!

What sure way to get really bummed out? For one's internet connection to fail (yet again) causing all the hours of work to go kaput faster than one's dinner being flushed into the toilet...(which explains the no "crafty" post yesterday and my bloglist in ruin). It was a total bummer! I was still so upset this morning i was in no mood to do anything crafty. Pardon my early morning crankiness. Promise that the "crafty countdown" will resume its regular posting tomorrow.

Instead i would just share our rendezvous last night. One of the many events the city of Baguio prepared for the holidays was the much awaited snow show...for the first time in the history of the city everyone would witness the first snow fall. By everyone i would mean people who managed to defy the laws of Physics that no two objects can occupy the exact same space at the same time. You see, the event would take place at Upper Session Rd where six snow machines will deploy artificial chemicals which when released into the air would then turn into crystal like snow. Come 7pm, people started to get impatient and when the snow was finally released, there were obvious unsatisfied spectators cuz the snow covered only a few square meters of the road. Well i guess we tropical people are so hungry for snow that when the city officials promised one our expectations went skyrocketing. I suggest that instead of blabbing about how disappointing it was, let's just all remember the true spirit of Christmas..."It's the thought that counts!" (laughs)

Anyway, H decided to retreat back to where we parked the car in the middle of the scanty snow fall before the disgruntled people cause a stampede. It may not have been the fun night for some but no one could accuse it of not being funny. Book me on the next one!


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  1. Your dress looks great on you and might I add that yes, you are being a little ungrateful because my city never gets snow and our council has never even proposed having fake snow :( So you are super lucky! But I can see where you're coming from... expectations were bound to sky-rocket in a tropical country :)

    P.S. ZAGU! I miss that stuff... mmm

  2. Well, despite all the mess, at least your outfit looked terrific! A very nice one, Aileen! =)

  3. omg i can imagine how crowded session road must be! kinda like panagbenga i think :) my cousins in baguio are raving about it. btw, cute look and ur son is adorable :)

  4. @Cherie
    yeah it was like Panagbenga and more..your cousins were probably one of the lucky ones who got the spot. My son is so kulit na i cant even keep!

  5. It may not have been a lot of snow but it definitely photographed lovely! Also, I very much relate to the frustration of having the internet go down, happened to me for two hours during the week and I swear I felt sort of frustrated, even though it didn't stay down very long. I think it was the frustration of not knowing when it would be up again. Hope you're stays working and wishes for a wonderful new week! ♥

  6. i have always wanted to experience a white christmas. if the snow show would have been in cebu too then i'll really be the first to come.hahaha

    yeah i definitely agree. it's the thought that counts. you're one gorgeous family! :)

    and oh, i am loving your bohemian top/dress. :)

  7. lovely photos, and thanks for your comment. Im happy for you that you got some fake snow as then its less cold i guess :)x

  8. Hi Aileen! Love the outfit! I should start investing on those black stockings/tights. I don't know, I'm kind of hesitant to wear those because my legs aren't slim! haha!

    Following your blog, too! Those pillow cases you are selling are soooooooooo cute!

  9. I really love your blog and the name 'isla' which means island right?

    I'm glad I found your blog.


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