Tim Burton's "Big Eyes" plus other movies I can't wait to watch

1) Tim Burton's Big Eyes - art, scandal, controversy and paintings of big-eyed waif. The story is based on the life of artists Walter and Margaret Keane. Walter achieved popularity for the Big Eyes paintings in the 1950s...only to be brought to court by his ex-wife who claimed to be the original painter. Years of "painting custody battle" ensued.

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2) Disney's Into the Woods - based on what I've read so far, Into the Woods is originally a musical and Disney is now turning it into a movie which, as we would expect, might take a different turn from the original story somewhere in the movie. Though am not very fond of the  Act II of the musical, "The once upon a time...later, am a huge sucker for anything fairy tale so let's see how much of this movie get Disney-fied.
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3) The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby - because I just love everything James Mcavoy, period
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