My Creative Space Feature in Katha Magazine

I love creative spaces! If I could have it my way, I'd have hundreds of them. Each room would be unique on its own. But one can only have one too many, right? Unbeknownst to the online world, two years ago my family and I made "the big move" from our home to a condo for reasons I would rather not divulge here (am kind of a security phobe, and having experiened security breaches in the past has left me wary on what and what not to share online). Thus explains the different photos of my previous workroom posts from the photos am posting now.

I moved from a whole room to a decent little corner. But I must say that I have never been more happy! New space means new decorating challenge...and I love decorating a room as much as i love working in it. Looking back at my previous workspace, it was quite evident how my work has evolved too. You see, i did a lot of sewing for House of Isla Designs but for over a year now I have been consciously trying to focus more on doing art and producing original prints. And since we don't have any plans of going back to our old home anytime soon,  I think you'd be expecting unexpected space changes. For all you know, I might've already moved to a new creative space (*wink)

Before I get lost in my own words,  this post was meant to thank the wonderful Katha Magazine group for making me part of their July-August issue with the theme "Local Colors." It was such a great honor to grace one of your pages alongside many other local creatives.

To read more of the feature head here:

By the way they are nominated for this year's TattAwards under the category of "The One" and the voting period was extended until Wednesday, August 6. Show your support for our local creatives and cast your votes here:

To end, here are a few outtakes...

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  1. Thanks again Aileen for sharing your workspace with us, and for writing about it and the TattAwards here, the entire team is very grateful! Until our next collab! <3

  2. Thanks again! Your workspace is so beautiful and inspiring! :) till our next collab! :)


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