Autumn Stroll at Yuldong Park

We were blessed with a wonderful autumn weather during our three-week-visit to Korea. Though there were a couple of gloomy days, they weren't bad enough to keep us all cooped up at home. As matter of fact, not a single day had gone by without us spending it somewhere awesome. This year's autumn mornings were also not as cold compared to my previous was pretty much like cold nights in Baguio. The temperature drops as early as 2pm though so it was always wise to bring an extra thick cardi. 

This one's at Yuldong Park, in the city of Bundang. It is a favorite go-to place for families and couples alike with its wide walkways and amazing lake. It is also conveniently surrounded by cafes and restos but my favorite of course is that it's lined with beautiful trees made more incredible by the fall season. 

Can't wait to share more of our South Korea visit. Til the next post!

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  1. Wow! Such a wonderful place. =)

  2. beautiful photos dear! and such a lovely season. I hope i get to visit korea next year <3

  3. That might just be the happiest skirt I've ever seen :) So glad you had an awesome time on holidays, Aiz. Great to have you back xx

  4. a lot of people say fall is the most beautiful season and your pictures show why! love, love the yellow skirt :)

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