"To make a prairie, it takes a clover and one bee." - Emily Dickenson

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I love the rain
The borders of the world become blurred...
and it feels like I'm about to get sucked in

I love Shuu-chan's room
The scent of books
his sketchbooks and his shelves with paint marks.

I love the sound of rain
It really soothes me
It's as if it's gently healing everything
the mountain, the trees, the grass, the roof...
...and me

That's it, Shuu-chan is like the rain

Just seeing him relieves me
So much so that it makes me want to cry
He always come looking for me when i get lost
He always gently reached out to me.

That's right, Shuu-chan must be my rain.
Being with him lets me breathe deeply
and it gives me the feeling 
that I can grow bigger and bigger
 like the trees and the grass.

Hagumi on Suuji Hanamoto (Honey and Clover)

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