"A life without love is like a year without summer." - Swedish proverb

All this rain is making me all too nostalgic of summer. I admit that summer would be my least favorite season as I have often find it a tad stifling if not boring but all this rain has convincingly made me wish for sunny skies. Certainly not because I have a sudden aching for beach as this season is most associated with but rather I am soo missing going for luxury walks, picnics on open fields, camping and just going about the woods and taking beautiful photographs. 

However, as the end of June draws near am pretty sure there'd be more rainshowers and drizzles to grace us on the coming days as per usual in this time of the year here in Baguio. Oh well, at least we get to enjoy our hot coco or coffee even more with all this gloomy-cool mood naturally set up for us. And this getting-cooped-up at home days would give me more opportunity to finish all these impending house projects. 

Hope this rainy season would be a beautiful and friendly one. 

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  1. I adore that quote and read it just yesterday.

    I love that you pressed the flowers into your book, I always do the same ;)

    What a wonderful memory, your family is adorable and lovely... just like you!

  2. I love the quote, there's so much to do in summer that I think everyone loves the season. But I think there's also the allure of the cool rainy days :) your son looks adorable!

  3. I miss this place.
    Though it's not as green as I remember.


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