June on Instagram

Capturing little tid bits of  life on Instagram. June will always be "my" month.
June signifies a whole lot'a things for me, like getting a year older (and hopefully wiser),
celebrating with family, and just rekindling that daydreamer spirit. 

This years' June is no short of being special too. A new loft, new endeavors,
new and exciting bread and butter (totally not craft related, yet allows me to still
indulge myself with my creative pursuits), new hopes.
Of course seeing my old loves with a whole new passion too...my sewing,
my illustrations, teaching and more crafting. And i love that this soft June
rain sets the mood for more creativity!!!

July here I come!

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  1. Such lovely pictures. Your watercolor painting looks amazing. And I love the blouse you're wearing on the lower right corner. =)


  2. beautiful photos as always and did you draw that? So pretty!

  3. good to see your writings again! :)

  4. @Chunny

    Thanks dear.
    That blouse was up for sale at my online store.
    Now it's all mine.....hahaha!

  5. @Nina
    Yes, i want to do a lot of illustrations again!


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