Draw an Animal

Obviously, I'm trying to make up for my day one blunder by posting not one, but three drawings. After being torn between a forest deer or a cute bunny, I decided, since it is also Easter to do the latter instead. I sat on my workdesk not exactly knowing how to begin and by mid-morning I was already done with Peter Rabbit's rough sketch. I've heard somewhere that before you become your own self in the art world, you must first try to imitate the great artists before your time.

I love Beatrix Potter. Her beautiful illustrations are subtle, whimsical and I love love the way her colors blend. But aside from that I also somehow feel kindred with her taste for the pastoral. I love animals dressed in human clothes prancing around glorious farms and breathtaking meadows. I guess that's prolly the reason this challenge turned out pretty well, I truly enjoyed the whole thing. If there's one thing I could have done differently though, that would be using a watercolor paper instead of a regular drawing paper. It could have had better texture that way. I wasn't actually thinking of doing it in full color but hey, it turned out well in the end anyway.

Below are some quick drawings I did in the past. You might think I sort of cheated by drawing another person's original artwork so I added two of my quick drawings. Now that day2 is out of the way, I think I deserve a cup of  good ol' coffee. Hope to see your artworks soon guys!

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  1. Your drawings are amazing Aiz! Sell these as prints and I will buy it for sure!

  2. so cute! i love Beatrix Potter's illustrations also. i've also posted some of my drawings for the challenge on my blog. :)


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