Draw an object in the room

Chances are that you are most likely to find me inside the kitchen or the dining room. So it is no surprise that what I came up with for the day three challenge is a treat for the palate. Today I was seriously craving for peanut butter and since the lighting in the dining area was the brightest in the house, I decided to draw there too.....of course what else but the peanut butter i was happily gobbling up.

The colors of the drawing did look a bit weird.  Blame my being stubborn. I was determined to use only sharpies, pens and markers only to realize in the end that I don't have the right hues. My point quite obvious with that neon yellow and that uber dark brown that made it look more like Nutella in a PeterPan peanut butter jar.....teheeh!

The photo above may disagree.....with that nonchalant, poker-face look I was donning 
but I was seriously seriously enjoying my peanut butter fix!

Now let me get back to scooping yet another one.

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