Free May 2015 Desktop Calendar

Hello there. It's been a while hasn't it? I am still alive, obviously. This blog almost got the boot. I have, for months, been contemplating on pulling the plug on this site because I no longer have the time to give it a well-deserved update. Despite having been busy with things which I would have loved to share with you, I often find myself posting actively on INSTAGRAM instead since it doesn't take much of my time from work and my mommy duties. 

However, sentimentality won and I just couldn't really totally bury this baby 9feet below the web ground so am still sticking to it. That said, I guess I would no longer be able to share detailed how to's for crafts and diys (which I honestly do not have time to make anymore anyway these days because my face is constantly buried under illustration work and art pieces). 

Anyway I wanna share with you this beautiful DESKTOP CALENDAR I made for the month of May. Yes yes, am happy to say that freebies are back. I may not be able to share some of my diys but i hope i could share more of my artworks through this monthly free download. 

I was so inspired by the heaps of sakura photos popping up from almost all social networking sites. I've always said that I am very partial to autumn colors but I must say that spring has started to grow on me. We've been meaning to take a vacation to see our family in Korea and at the same time see the cherry blossom festival this year but sadly it didn't push through because of conflicting schedules. So i painted them sakura instead. 

Just click the photo above to download. Enjoy!

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