Hello, I'm back from the real world!

If you know me well enough as a design blogger, then you may have guessed that I have been quite busy in the real world that finding time to blog became somewhat a nuisance. Hence, the no post for what seemed like an eternity. My plate had been full with all sorts of colorful undertakings, which ironically have rendered this blog into a temporary coma.

As much as I missed blogging and sharing all my adventures in the creative world, I must say that it was nice to take a step back from the world wide web and take a breather once in a while. I had the chance to really focus on work, the old school way without the constant buzzing of all things techie breathing down my neck. Anyway, here's a few glimpses of what transpired in my longest record of blog absence:

Facebook Page Makeover
House of Isla Facebook cover
My facebook page had been screaming for a much-needed makeover. My absence was mainly spent on reorganizing and re-conceptualizing my little nook of an online indie shop to make way for my illustrations. Last year part of my resolution was to rekindle an old passion; art has always been my first love and thought it was only appropriate for me to merge that with my love for handmade. And I am excited to announce that this little lovechild between handmade and art would all be available in my very own official shop site which i would be launching really really soon!

I made it to the top 20 of the Freeway Art Bag Competition

I couldn't be more elated when I was informed that I made it to the top 20 of the FREEWAY art bag competition. Out of more than 200 entries, one of my two paintings was chosen for the final 20 cut. It was, in some way, some sort of affirmation that I did the right choice to follow my heart even if it meant uncertainties and facing unknown challenges. The artwork above was the first painting I did in over a decade, which made the whole accolade a lot more special. Thank you to all the people who supported me on the competition, your words of encouragement meant so much.

Fashion Illustration for Stacia Pierce

When I was asked to do an illustration for Stacia Pierce, I turned into a hodgepodge of different happy emotions. Excited, thrilled, ecstatic but nervous at the same time. I felt honored to be trusted enough to do a fashion illustration for such an inspirational figure to a lot of women.

There are a few more projects that I am also super excited to share but I would leave that hanging for now. Til next.

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  1. Welcome back! :) Love the FB redesign. Looks like you've been keeping busy creatively. :)

  2. Your website is for sure worth bookmarking. Chelsie

  3. I really delight in whilst I go through your blogs and articles. SERINA


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